– By Brian Madden

How the biggest barriers to VDI adoption have finally been solved and what this means for the future of the enterprise desktop.

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When Brian, Gabe and Jack wrote The VDI Delusion, it caused quite an uproar in the VDI community and challenged a lot of the hype and unrealistically positive outlook that many vendors were painting about VDI.

Brian recently blogged “we now have the technology to address two of the major showstopper issues for VDI” with:

  • 1) The introduction of storage technology to support persistent (1-to-1) disk images.
  • 2) GPU-based graphics improvements for support of most apps.

The New VDI Reality book was written to explain how these two technological innovations have lowered the cost and improved the user experience of persistent VDI to the point where they can now be better than physical PCs.

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